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Digital Citizens: what are your responsibilities?

 Technology: Acceptable Use Agreement

I understand my school provides technology tools for me to use to support my schoolwork and my communication with others (including my peers, teachers and parents) about my learning. I understand the school allows me to use my own technology to support my learning when I have obtained my teacher’s permission.



  • I will always aim for the highest standard possible in all the ways I use technology  and communicate online
  • I will always think critically, creatively and reflectively about the material I contribute online, how I share it, and whom I share it with.
  • I will respect others opinions, beliefs and ideas in online communication
  • I will be fair and honest in what I say and do online
  • I will be responsible and accountable in what I say and do online
  • I will act ethically online
  • I will help others to act in a responsible, ethical way in the use of technology


I understand that if I do not use technology in a responsible and ethical manner, I will be held accountable for my actions and may lose access to school technology
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