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ClickView Online

Use ClickView Online to browse, search and watch videos from anywhere with internet access. Now you can logon easily with your network username and password (no need to remember your special Clickview one). There are 2 ways to access Clickview Online

  1. Selecting the Clickview link on Ultranet homepage   or by clicking here
  2. Simply enter your network username and password into the welcome screen
  3. Or go to your ClickView Online Manager interface - e.g. online.clickview.co.nz; you should see this sign in screen. Select the Single Sign On option and enter your school gmail address, eg: jo.smith@marsden.school.nz and continue.
  4. You will be taken to the Welcome box, enter your network username and password to access the school video library.

    • Search through your video library by using the search bar found in the panel at the top of the screen.
    • Watch your ClickView video by clicking on the title.

ClickView Web Player

ClickView Online videos are played through the Clickview Web Player (see below).

Clicking on the 'Resources + Chapters' tab allows you to view both the 'Resources' and 'Chapters' tabs.

The Chapter tab lists the videos available chapters and the chapter currently playing will be displayed in orange. Clicking the Resources tab will display the available resource documents for the current video (PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF). To download a resource, simply click on it.

Clicking the 'Video information' button allows you to see all the available video data including a description of the video's contents.

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