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Student Leaders 2017

Congratulations to our Student Leadership Team for 2017



Katie Daly

Head Girl

Gabrielle Embury

Deputy Head Girl

Michael Lennon Winton

Head Boy

Nico Hackner

Deputy Head Boy

Lauren Embury

Arts & Cultural Captain

Jessica Eagle

Sports Captain

Qiyun Goh

Head of Houses

Kian Knight

Adventure House Captain

Robson du Maurier

Deputy Adventure House Captain

Edward and Thomas Couchman

Discovery House Co-Captains

Catriona McCann-Whittington

Deputy Discovery House Captain

Thomas Lee

Endeavour House Captain

Ben Webb

Deputy Endeavour House Captain

Lauren Embury and Stephen Jamieson

Resolution House Co-Captains

Lupe Aitogi-Paese

Deputy Resolution House captain

Dan Bain/Tom Wiltshire

IT Leaders

Vacant positions:-


Head Librarian

Deputy and Junior House Captains (where appropriate)