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Marsden Whitby School Bus information

Please find outlined below details of the Hutt Valley and Paremata bus routes and costs. We are delighted to be able to provide this efficient service, ensuring that students arrive safely to begin their school day. 

The information is divided into three sections:

•    General information relevant to both bus services
•    Information relevant only to Paremata bus run
•    Information relevant only to Hutt Valley bus run

General Information relevant to both the Hutt Valley and Paremata bus runs

Marsden Whitby has contracted NZ Coach Service to provide transport to our students during the school year. NZ Coach Service is once again very keen to work with the school to establish the most effective bus route for students. Should you have a preferred bus stop along either route that would be more convenient to you, please notify the school office so that we can accommodate your request if possible.

On each route, the bus will collect Marsden Whitby students only and then only those who are in our school uniform unless we inform them of a planned mufti day. They will be delivered to the front door of the school. For your peace of mind, please know that no member of the public will be permitted to travel on either bus.

In the event of buses or connecting trains being delayed at the end of the day due to weather, road accidents etc the school will attempt to contact each parent notifying them of such delays. For this purpose, please provide the school office with your cell phone number/s by emailing lorraine.rose@marsdenwhitby.school.nz or phoning 234 1070.

NZ Coach Service has endeavoured to be as accurate as possible with pickup times. Please arrive at the bus station with time to spare – NZ Coach will not depart from any specific pick-up bus stop before the times stated below.

Towards the end of each term bus charges will be disbursed to your account as follows:

From Paremata Railway station:             $175 per term

From the Hutt                                             $415 per term

From Judgeford:                                          $175 per term

Students who require transport from between the school and the Paremata station will be issued tickets from the school office with a 10 trip ticket and the cost being disbursed to your account. Please contact Christine Allen, Accountant, should you wish to discuss matters concerning bus charges being disbursed to your account: christine.allen@marsden.school.nz or ph (04) 476 8792 extn 861

Paremata Bus Timetable

Pickups in following order:

  1. 8am Tweed Road  Bus stop #2502 
  2. 8.05am Tweed Road  Bus stop #2506 (opposite Papakowhai Diary)
  3. 8.12am Paremata Railway station – the bus will NOT leave the station before 8.12a.m. or until both north and south bound trains have arrived
  4. 8.12am Seaview Road  Bus stop #2718 
  5.  8.15am Hicks Close 
  6. 8.25am Marsden Whitby School 

Should the trains be delayed, the bus will not leave the station to travel to school until both trains have arrived to Paremata. Students will be collected from the school at the end of the school day to travel to the Paremata Railway station arriving there just prior to 3.30pm to catch their trains to return home.

Hutt Valley Bus Timetable

Times given below are depart times. The bus will NOT depart prior to these times.

7.40a.m.           Departs Upper Hutt Railway Station travelling down Fergusson Drive

7.50a.m.           Silverstream Railway Station  Bus then travels down via Stokey Valley Eastern Hutt Road

8.00a.m.           Fairway Drive / Daysh Street / Cambridge

8.10a.m.           Waterloo Station, travel back down Oxford Terrace

8.15a.m.           Old National Film Unit / Manor Park

8.30a.m.           Judgeford intersection

8.35a.m.           Joseph Banks Drive onto Navigation Drive and Samwell Drive

8.40a.m.           arrive at Marsden Whitby

If you have any questions/concerns regarding your son/daughter’s transport to school, please contact NZ Coach Services 0800 634572 directly – to discuss any other matters please contact Lorraine Rose in the school office (04) 234 1070.