On this page you will find general information about NCEA and how it works, information about assessments and examinations. 
The assessments planners are for internal assessments in all subjects and should be used to help students plan their assessment programme for the year. Please make sure students have recorded the dates for their subject assessments in their diary.  There will be times when students have lots of assessments bunched up together and students will need to know when these are coming up and plan their homework time carefully. It is not so much due dates that are crucial but rather the start date for these assessments. Helping your child to plan out their time to meet the deadlines would be very beneficial.
The subject specific documents will have been shared with students by their teachers on Google Classroom and will give you more detail about the assessments, the Achievement Standards and an outline of the course of study.  Please ask your son/daughter to show you these.
Classwork and homework is shared and set with students by teachers using Google Classroom and this should then be transferred to the Google Drive folders they have set up for each subject. Parents are encouraged to ask to see these folders and help students keep them organised and up to date. Parents have been invited to get notifications for homework  set on Google Classroom and can use this to remind their child of what is needed to be worked on at home.