Vijay Raj
Uniform Shop Manager

P: 04 476 8479

PLEASE READ: Important Information about Marsden Uniform Shop as at 5 April 2019

Marsden will be improving how you purchase school uniforms. The school has decided to partner with New Zealand Uniforms, a leader in the school uniform space, to be our exclusive provider and seller of Marsden uniforms. 

Our existing uniform shop will remain open in our present space in Marsden Village until 21 June 2019. There will be approximately one month of transition as we move out of that space and into New Zealand Uniforms. We will be open for business at New Zealand Uniforms from the first day of Term 3 (29 July 2019). 

As of 5 April 2019 we will no longer be accepting secondhand uniform to sell on your behalf.

We’re doing this for two reasons. First, so that we can provide Marsden families with a better shopping experience with 24/7 access to online sales, home delivery, and a broader range of products from which to choose. Secondly, Marsden is in the business of teaching and we wish to focus on doing that, not running a uniform shop. 

Below are some answers to questions we anticipate you may have. 
  • Where is New Zealand Uniforms located?  New Zealand Uniform has two locations: One at 168 Thorndon Quay, not far from Westpac Stadium, and a second in Porirua at 5b/16 Parumoana Street. Both stores are open six days a week during normal business hours but items can be purchased online 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Can we still go in for a fitting at New Zealand Uniforms? Yes! The sales staff in the store will have our uniform guidelines and are happy to do fittings with or without an appointment. You can book an appointment with them online as well.   
  • What do I do with my existing Marsden uniform?  Nothing! Moving to NZ Uniforms will not affect anything except making it easier for you to shop. Your uniform will remain the same. 
  • Can I sell used uniforms to New Zealand Uniforms?  No. In the coming months before the uniform shop is closed, Marsden will set up a Facebook page called “Marsden Uniforms” for families to buy, sell, and swap used uniforms outside of the framework of the school. 
  • I have uniforms in the Marsden shop on consignment. What happens to them?  We will either return these to you for you to sell or trade on the Marsden Uniforms Facebook page or you can donate them to the school.  
Should you have any further questions, please reach out to John Thomason, our COO, at john.thomason@marsden.school.nz

Uniform Shop

The Marsden School Uniform Shop is the only retailer of the school and sports uniforms. The shop has all uniform requirements all year round unless an item is out of stock.  

We also have some second hand uniform items available, but these must be purchased from the shop personally. Mail order is not applicable. The shop also has items of Marsden memorabilia suitable for keepsakes, gifts and visitors.

Uniform Shop Hours

Uniform Shop hours until 21 June 2019 are:
  • Monday : 8–9am and 12pm–5pm
  • Wednesday : 12pm–5pm
Outside of these times please email the Uniform Shop Manager, Mrs Vijay Raj uniformshop@marsden.school.nz

The Uniform Shop in Karori now has Credit Card facilities available. There is a 2½% fee on every transaction.
The Marsden Uniform Shop is working towards becoming a plastic free shop, so please don't forget to bring your re-usable bags. Alternatively you can purchase a re-usable Marsden bag for $2.00.
Until 21 June 2019 all new students requiring full uniform should contact The Uniform Shop Manager, Mrs Vijay Raj (04) 4768479 to make an appointment. Please allow at least half an hour for a fit out. Once a student has had an initial fit out subsequent purchases can be made using our Whitby Uniform Order Form. 

Please contact Marsden Whitby School office if you have specific uniform enquiries. Phone (04) 234 1070

Uniform Shop Location

Until 21 June 2019 the Uniform Shop is located next to Marsden Village Cafe at the rear of Marsden Village, 153 Karori Road, Karori. Access is from the car park in Marsden Village.  Phone number (04) 476 8479  

From 29 July 2019, New Zealand Uniforms will be the only retailer of the school and sports uniforms.

Second Hand Uniform

In view of the impending change to our new uniform retailer, New Zealand Uniforms, we are no longer in a position to accept second-hand uniform to sell on your behalf.  You are still welcome to purchase secondhand uniform from our Karori shop until 21 June 2019.