2019 News

Sophie and Ryan attend Cullen Breakfast

Earlier this week our Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl attended a Cullen Breakfast where they heard Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ, Director of the Vatican Observatory, give a fantastic talk. The questions afterwards ranged from his happiest moment/discovery as an astronomer, to the fate of the Earth from global warming and from God and the big bang theory to the future of AI.   (10/5/2019).


Junior Prem A Debating Team in Action
Past pupil Katie Daly adjudicating a debate at school
The Junior Premier debaters competed against Queen Margaret College Wednesday after school affirming the moot " Assuming it was possible, this house believes it would be better if robots replaced humans in the workplace". This hypothetical topic had to be prepared by both teams within 30 minutes as the moot was only released to the school debating convenors at 3.30pm. This is normal practice for Limited Preparation debates.    

The debate discussion that ensued included ideas about the value of robots in the work place where dangers lurk, the efficiency of them, the practicality of them and the economic advantages of them. The negating team emphasised the negative impact on employment, the potential for error and therefore accidents, the limitations of "workers" who have no capacity for empathy and other excellent points.     

The adjudicator for this debate was our Old Girl, Katie Daly who commended both teams and offered detailed feedback to the students of both teams. Her ultimate decision was to award the debate to QMC.   

Nevertheless this was a wonderful junior debate that once more contributed to our students upskilling through practical experience. (10/5/2019).

Roller Derby

Jack Field, Y13, joined the Remutaka Roller Derby club about 6 months ago and played his second game this weekend.  Jack is playing in the adults league which has no size limits.  He's doing really well, and is giving/receiving some incredible hits.  His main position is Jammer (Wearing a Star Hat), who has to push their way through the packs and get as many laps around the track as possible within two minutes or before the Jam is called off.   He also spends time as a blocker, who do everything they can to knock down/block the Jammer to prevent them from getting points.  Roller Derby is a lot like rugby, just without a ball.  Jack trains for 5 1/2 hours each week for Derby and also NSOs/Official at games he's not playing. (10/5/2019).

Blake Excels in Rowing

Blake Paynter continues to achieve great success in rowing. Blake has been selected as one of eight male athletes from the Wellington region to be part of the Row 4 Gold Talent Development Program with Wellington City Council of Sport and Rowing NZ Central Rowing Performance Centre. He has also been invited to attend the winter rowing camp at the Rowing NZ Central Rowing Performance Centre in Blenheim, in a couple of weeks, AND, to top it all off, he was awarded three trophies at the Porirua Rowing Club Prize Giving for the 2018/2019 season: Most Successful College Oarsperson, Most Successful Club Oarsman and Best Sculling Performance! (10/5/2019).

Alex Features in UK News

Alex D, Year 7, featured in the UK daily newspaper inews recently. Alex was invited to feature in an article about Postcrossing, an international postcard-sending project. Alex has been involved since he was nearly eight and was made a Postcrossing Ambassador for his dedication to the project at nine years old, the youngest globally at the time. The organisation selected Alex to feature in the inewspaper article as an example of a younger, enthusiastic member of the community. Clearly this is a tremendous hobby to be involved in!

Senior A Netball Team

The Winter sports season really gets into gear this weekend and over the break our Senior A Netball Team participated in a pre-season tournament, at Queen Margaret College. They were up against some very tough competition, comprising all Premier 1 teams, and fought to the bitter end of each game. It was the most enjoyable experience and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season. (3/5/2019).

Tannith Reaches Semi-Finals

In other sporting news, Tannith P, Y13, reached the semi-finals of the Wellington Singles 1-5 Champ of Champions, in a nail-biting game at Island Bay. (3/5/2019).

Cullen Leadership Breakfast

Our Head Prefects attended last week's Cullen Breakfast where they heard presentations from Dr Alan Bollard and Hon Tim Groser.   (12/4/2019).

Aston wins Tennis Champs

Aston Robbins Y12 won the Waikanae Under-18 Junior Club Tennis Champs, both singles and doubles. Congratulations Aston! (12/4/2019).

The Great Gatsby Party

This morning the Year 13 English class celebrated their work during the latter half of this term studying the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F Scott Fitzgerald.  The students and their teacher Mrs Balasingam dressed up in formal attire to represent the mid 1920s which is when the novel is set.  They brought food to eat that referenced the content of the novel, which they set out in the classroom as a fancy afternoon tea party, complete with pretty rose cups, floating white curtains, a green light burning throughout and silver platters.  Roses and candles adorned the table and the clock took centre stage, as time is a motif in Fitzgerald’s work.  It was a fun way to revisit some key ideas and symbolism in the novel and hopefully embed these further in our minds. (9/4/2019).

Relay for Life

Huge thanks to all the students, parents and staff who helped out at the Relay For Life event. It was a fabulous venue and our team all did a superb job but unfortunately the appalling weather led to an early shutdown at 3am. So far the team has raised $3,200 and more to come, so well done all! (6/4/2019).

Gumboot Friday Fundraiser

A total of $225.90 was raised today and will go towards Mike King's charity "I am Hope" in support of Mental Health. (5/4/2019).

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