From the Director

We had a wonderful assembly this week highlighting our top scholars from 2018. Badges and ribbons were awarded as follows:- Level 1 Scholars’ Badges – Mawgan Bailey, Kenan Bulmer, Sophie Green, Vanessa Hirschmann, Lauren Hunt, Phoebe Lee, Madeleine Leslie, Kaitlyn Payne, Blake Paynter, Aston Robbins, Callum Walker, Samuel Wilson. Level 1 Academic Colours – Roman Avery, Luc Hackner Level 2 Scholar’s Badges - Thomas Couchman, Ilyas Rosslan Level 2 Academic Colours – Olivia Pettitt, Tilly Surrey, Joe Walker Level 3 Scholars’ Badge – Qiyun Goh Level 3 Academic Colours – Liri Salz    –   Read more from Anne Winnall...



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